Thursday, July 23, 2015

Wrapping up and winding down

One more day of teaching! It has gone really fast in a blur of changing classes and wonderful dinners and scooters everywhere. I achieved my usual goal of being able to walk around town on my own, buy souvenirs with the local money and find my way home.  And taught English, too.

I had one teacher ask for a lesson on houses so since I teach the same lesson to all the classes - adjusting some for different grades - I downloaded  pictures of hut, igloo, tent, pueblo and RV and made a power point. Love the Internet! Kids chose the one they would like to spend time in and guess what won by a landslide?

Also the 5 lb of magazines I brought over have been good teaching tools, so it was worth it. They are not coming back because I really do not read Car and Driver or Twist for Teens - even at the airport.

Tonight is banquet given by the school - since today at lunch there was browned pork crumbles, rice and peanuts, I am ready.

And tomorrow we say goodbye. Not as tearful as other years since I see 30 kids a class, 6 classes a day, 5 days a week...but they all know me!

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